Linda Rowe

Linda’s life experience has been one that is mostly free of disease. The imbalances she’s encountered over her younger life have been minimal. Much of her experience with being in states of disease were relegated to colds/flu, sinus infections (which are not enjoyable in the least!), stress, physical and mental trauma. Which, to her, seemed to not be about disease necessarily.

It finally dawned on Linda that her 27+ year yoga practice has been integral in keeping her within her dynamic range of health. However, she is experiencing aging like everyone else. All those physical and mental stressors over her life have created physical and mental spaces where disease can flourish. These are the areas that need the loving awareness that is Ayurveda.

She’s always been interested in studying, in knowing, in understanding the roots of health, illness, and healing. She’s come to understand that having this perspective lets her be very clear and present for her clients. Linda’s strength lies in her ability to assess one’s state of health as well as the obstacles (inner and outer) that get in the way of making the changes that bring long term health. Once these two points are identified, suggested guidelines are offered and agreed upon.

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